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Apple iPhone 5 Cases

The iPhone 5 which recently go launched into the market has been a very hot topic for discussion s well as the main product in focus for many auxiliary industries which produce the various accessories which support this super device in becoming very user friendly and in giving optimum utility.

The apple devices are of the top end and they actually add a new meaning to the class. The smart phones that come out of the apple stable are pretty impressive come with a hefty price tag which means that they are here in the market strong and mean strictly business. The external appeal of the device speaks of a luxury and class that no other phone in the segment is able to do in such a way. 

The iPhone 5 has an external casing of a mixture of glass and metal which gives an appeal which is really hard to resist. It is not just hard to resist but keeping that external intact too is quite a task at hand. That is why most of the users prefer to avoid any chances and believe in getting themselves one of the various genuine iPhone 5 cases which are out now and available in the market.

An unexpected fall or an impact which can be a part of the daily activities can be a nightmare for the phone as well as for the user. So the protective cases available in the markets are playing a very important role and the markets have a wide variety that one can select from. The most regal ones are the leather covers and cases which give ample protection to the iPhone 5 along with style. 

Then for those who have a lifestyle which is quite different can go for the rugged cases which give protection and the jaggered edges suck up the brunt of the impact and do not let the body even get scratched. Then there are the easy snaps on cases which are made mostly of plastic. These are available in various colors and are quite easy to use. 

The transparent hard covers too are available but then again one need to keep them cleaned in order to maintain the appeal. These are all a part of the genuine iPhone 5 cases range in the market which means that a perfect fit and complete access of the phone from the cases is guaranteed.

Apple iphone 5 Tetris Colorful Game Case


While the note and inspiring words are not a new introduction, the growth of Instagram — which now has more than 50 million users — and other sharing services are bringing details like this to large scale audiences like never before.

Instagram user ‘M’, who posted the photo, says he’s had the note taped to his dresser for the last two years, such is its significance to him.

(via This Inspiring Note Greets Apple’s New Hires on Their First Day)


Tumblr/Mac keyboards shipping in 2010. Just wire $60 to my Swiss bank account and I promise to send you your very own Tumblr keyboard back.

How important is attribution? If you’re OpenStreetMap, vitally.

OpenStreetMap (OSM), essentially a Wikipedia for geography, has caused quite a stir as of late over something seemingly quite innocuous: attribution in Apple’s iOS iPhoto app, which uses OSM data. Only users would never know, as Apple notoriously failed to actually attribute the source of the map information to the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

That finally changed on Thursday, when Apple added the brief bit of text acknowledging that OSM’s contributors were the source of the map information.

Apple is Not Brand But Apple Every i Products Make Apple As Brand
james brook
Apple is rejecting apps that use the Dropbox SDK because we allow users to create accounts. We’re working with Apple to come up with a solution that still provides an elegant user experience.

Apple Insider And TheNextWeb

Dropbox confirms it is working with Apple to fix app rejection issue


From Matt Groening’s Apple ‘Student’s Guide’, 1989:”A personal computer that makes college not only survivable, but even enjoyable.”